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Facebook или Twitter: что больше подходи для Вашего бренда

Let’s face it, you know you need to promote your business on social media. In fact, around 2.56 billion global social media users join the ranks each day on mobile, creating an astronomical audience for companies of every shape and size. The question is, which social platform should you be spending your marketing moola with?

Facebook and Twitter are essentially the crème de la crème of social networks. These senior class channels have outranked sites like Google+ and Pinterest for decades, and their versatility makes them perfect for connecting with a broad audience. Though both platforms have seen their ups and downs lately, they remain the most popular choice for many marketers–and for good reason.

Twitter and Facebook are adaptable, innovative and ready to pivot to suit the needs of customers. So, if both channels are so great, how do you decide between Facebook vs. Twitter, and which one you want to use?

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by Rebekah Carter

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