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Applying Machine Learning: Decisions Matter

Over the years, the amount of data businesses capture has skyrocketed, largely thanks to the Internet of Things and cheap storage

Now, companies are focusing on the next step: Doing as much as possible with this data. Although typical statistical and analytical tools can extract valuable insight, making the most of data requires a burgeoning technology: Machine learning. Here are some of the ways businesses are leveraging machine learning and some of the most powerful and popular tools.

Conceptualizing Machine Learning

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence, and it relies on the concept of allowing algorithms to train themselves to analyze data to find patterns and trends. When it’s possible to set up a list of rules, more traditional AI rules are often sufficient. Machine learning shines when it comes to more complex tasks that are difficult to generalize appropriately. Complex games, such as Go, are best analyzed using machine learning by providing a bit of training up front and letting the algorithms determine their own rules through trial and error. Similarly, tasks such as facial recognition improve dramatically with machine learning.

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