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Приготовьтесь к революции голосовых помощников

Интересная статистика от PWC относительно восприятия и использования голосовых помощников #AI #voicerecognition#customerexperience #mobile #digital

An in-depth look at consumer adoption and usage of voice assistants, and how companies can earn their trust—and their business.

How and why are voice assistants being used? What do consumers think of the technology, and what are the primary needs, current use cases, opportunities and concerns?

We conducted extensive research to better understand consumer usage and perception of voice assistants. We know adoption is increasing, but voice assistants are still being used largely for basic tasks. Why is this?

To successfully capitalize on the technology, organizations need to understand:

The strengths and best use cases for voice assistants and enabling devicesThe accelerators or opportunities for voice to have massive growthWhat’s needed in order for consumers to trust this technology and use it with confidenceConsumer concerns—a lack of trust in the technology and a fear of losing privacy.

Скачать исследование - https://www.pwc.com/us/en/advisory-services/publications/consumer-intelligence-series/pwc-voice-assistants.pdf

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