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Потребительские тренды 2019

It’s that time of the year again, when CMO.com poses a single, forward-looking question to a slew of brands, industry experts, and thought leaders we’ve spoken to in previous months for our articles.

With each passing year, we’re continually impressed by how on-the-mark they’ve been, whether predicting about the future of customer experience, digital transformation, or, when the concept was still a novelty, digital marketing.

This time around we asked: Which consumer trends are you watching most closely and why?

Their answers don’t disappoint. Read on for all of the insightful responses we received in this, our eighth annual global predictions extravaganza. Answers are presented alphabetically by last name.

Мнения опрошенных экспертов - https://www.cmo.com/features/articles/2018/11/30/predictions-consumer-trends-2019.html?scid=03826dca-5e9c-42ad-8c2a-52fe2ab12e58&mv=social2&mv2=owned_social#gs.XjIy5ii9

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