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Покупатели посылают сообщения бизнесам, которые не готовы их принимать

The report, by texting solution provider Zipwhip, surveyed consumers and businesses about their attitudes toward this 25-year-old, omnipresent cell phone tech.

Over half of consumers — 58 percent — have responded to a missed phone call from a business with a SMS/MMS text message — but those businesses were not yet set up to handle such text conversations.

“Those messages,” said business texting provider Zipwhip CMO Scott Heimes, “are sent into the abyss.”

This missed marketing opportunity is a key finding in Zipwhip’s “2019 State of Texting Report” (free, registration required), which is out today and which Heimes described as “the first comprehensive research on the topic.”

“Particularly frustrated.” Additionally, the report found that 75 percent of consumers “are particularly frustrated when they cannot respond to a text from a business,” Heimes told me via email, “such as to reschedule an appointment following a reminder notification.” Such messages are often short-code text, where businesses can only send but not receive.

While Zipwhip obviously has a horse in this race and this report is part of the company’s pitch for its texting solutions, the survey presents some interesting perspectives on a 25-year-old technology that is available on every modern smartphone.

The survey was conducted with a SurveyMonkey-supplied panel of 1000 consumers and 1000 businesses based in the U.S. Businesses ranged in size from under 25 employees to over 50,000.

Comparison to email. Thirty-nine percent of responding businesses use some form of texting to communicate with their customers, but inside that figure is 13 percent that only use messaging tools like one-way short code messaging.

The report indicates that texting is more popular than that other venerable form of electronic communication, emailing. On average, the report said, consumers send 15 texts daily versus a dozen emails, plus Zipwhip makes the point that virtually all text messages are opened.

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