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Поколение Z предпочитает YouTube в то время как его предшественники сидят в Facebook

The Websites People Use Most Varies Among Generations, a New Survey Finds. the Data Shows That Amazon’s User Experience Ranks High Among All Generations, Though, and Online Navigation Proficiency Has Improved Overall

All but some of the youngest consumers spend most of their social media time on Facebook. For those age 18 to 24, also known as “Generation Z,” YouTube is the favored platform, according to a recent survey from Visual Objects, a portfolio website that showcases work from top creative firms from around the world.

Experts say Generation Z prefers YouTube because it offers a personalized, immersive, and video-centric user experience (UX) with fewer distractions than Facebook.

Generation Z prefers visual content over text because it is easier and more rewarding for them to consume – and they consume a lot of it. Nearly half (47%) of Gen Zers say they watch three or more hours of YouTube daily, according to data from GenHQ.

Подробнее с графиками на https://martechseries.com/social/social-media-marketing/new-survey-visual-objects-finds-generation-z-dominates-youtube-generations-prefer-facebook/

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