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Ландшафт немецкого мартеха 2018

Scott Brinker, perhaps the most influential commentator of the ongoing technology revolution, annually publishes his famous Martech Martech 5000 – a heavily logged and commented map of marketing technology companies of different shapes and sizes and in 2018 already totalling 6,289 firms.

We were taken by big surprise looking at the results of our German analysis:

We found a total of 296 German martech companies, out of which 88 have received external funding in the value of 700 million US Dollars. So the number of German MarTech companies represents 4% of Scott Brinker’s total list of vendors, but what we found very interesting is the fact that only 70 of the vendors we identified are in fact included in his list. This means, that over 220 companies were not listed, which brings us to the assumption that even Scott’s large map of so many companies operating in this field is likely quite a bit larger in reality.

The analysis was done by a team from Avaus Marketing Innovations, the leading Nordic agency for data-driven marketing. As we have recently expanded to Germany with a physical office location in Munich and have been working with a wide array of the companies listed in the supergraphic of Scott’s, we were greatly interested in learning more about the German Martech landscape and its underlying market dynamics.

My team has for some years followed the evolution and expansion of the landscape with great interest. Previously we have surveyed the Finnish Marketing Technology Landscape which also uncovered a big and previously largely uncharted landscape of Martech vendors.

An expanding landscape of small and young companies

The results, strengthens the impression that we are still only getting a glimpse of the plethora of the German companies that are operating in this space. It also underlines how the German marketing technology landscape keeps expanding. The global supergraphic grew from 150 companies in 2011 to over 1000 in 2014.

Conversely, 28% of the German companies (for which we have founding dates for: n=205) in our German landscape graphic were founded within the last three years, over 80% were founded in the last 10 years. So, the landscape is young and it’s growing.

That said, there seems to be a dip over the past three years. In part this may be explained by incomplete data for the most recent years (2018 in particular). In addition to that though, the decline might be associated with the composition of the landscape when it comes to the youngest companies. That is to say, during the most recent years where we see a spike in growth, there is an overrepresentation of companies in the sector of social and relationships (since 2014 they stand for 32% of all companies). With the growth of social media penetration slowing in the west and the chatbot hype cooling off, the decline in companies founded might correlate with these market shifts.

Чарты и сопроводительная информация по немецкомы рынку - https://www.avaus.fi/en/blog/the-german-marketing-technology-landscape-2018/

Creator and main contributor: Erik Stenberg, Senior Consultant & Head of B2B DACH

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